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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

This is Edinburgh!!

So many time without writing here...

Oh!!! time goes by so quickly... i couldn´t write as many times as i wanted... by the way i want to do it now because i want to tell you about me.
I´m still in Edinburgh, here my life is completely different than it was in Spain...
First of all I´ve got my flat (it´s not mine, i want to mean that i live with more independence than before) Also because i live with my partner.
Every day we go to a college, we are in a general english course and it,s very interesting couse we learn a lot.

Yesterday I began and other new course; Introduction to Tesol. I thought it could be very useful for me, as a teacher, but as well as a english student, cause almost everyone is Scotish so I can practice the speaking a lot. (When I´m at home I usually speak in Spanish with my partner.... yeah... I know... bad for me..)

Living here you learn a lot, I mean not only the language, but also about the culture, customs, and as well something very important, you learn to open your mind. Edinburgh is a big city where a lot of different cultures live together. And this is amazing!! For example when you are in the bus there are people from all over the world!!

So if you get the chance, come here!! you would never regret!! I promise!!

PD; I would like to show you some photos from here. Does anybody knows how to do it??


Thursday, September 15, 2005

I'm in.....


Can you guess where am I??.... I'm in Edinburgh!! Yeah!! I arrived the last saturday to this wonderful city and I will be here until March, at the moment, but I'm not really sure, I have heard that this city is quite adictived, so maybe I extend my"trip" more time. Well, of course I will come back home at Christmas (like the turron, lol lol lol).

What are you thinking about?? why am I here?? well it's quite simple, if i want to be an English teacher, I should continue improving my English and the best way to do it is living in a place where people talk in English, like for instance, Edinburgh.

I live with a family, but with a lot of independency, this is not like the host families. I have rent the room but I have to cook my food. This is called salf-catering. The familiy is very nice. Mrs. Murray talks a lot with me. She has a pub near the house, so she is there a lot of time, and I go there sometimes.

The house is near to the city centre, I can go there on foot, but it is so far from the college, I have to get on a bus.
As I have just said i go to the college every day. I am doing an Engish course, which is very interesting, I'm learning a lot, because the teacher ar natives, of course, and they teach us lot of real vocabulary and expressions. On the other hand my teacher is really nice, his name is Evan, and he is a very good teacher.

The college is very very big. I felt lost the first and the second days, but I feel more confortable as the days pass. I think it;s normal, you need some days to get familiar with the place, with the people, with the language...

In the college there are people for all others countries, Italian, French, Chinese, Korean, Croat... and of course A LOT OF SPANISH PEOPLE!!

Well, i have no more time, i have to finish my homeworks and then... I am going to a party!!!
I want to be in touch with all of you, please make comments to this post or write me a comment. i miss you, I miss Spain....

Flory from Edinburgh.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


This is an advice for those mates (well, ex-mates :( )who haven´t written on their blogs!!
Don´t forget to practice your English this summer, I haven´t written since the exam in June and now, I have just written a post about my summer and I have had a lots of doubts, and I have spent so much time, more than before!! And what its worse, I´m sure that I have a lot of mistakes!!

So, I think we should go on working with the skills, writing, speaking, listening, and if you can, speaking. Summer is a good moment for know people, and these people can be foreingers who can cammunicate with you in English!!


The non stop summer

Hello my friends, I´m here again!!!!!!!

Oh dear blog I´m so sorry with you... I have not written anything since.... I don´t remember. :(
But now, I have got a lot of things to tell you.

In this summer I haven´t stopped !! First I went to Alicant on holidays for five days. It was very relaxing for me, the weather was excellent, and there arén´t so much people on the beach, so you could lain on the beach without any problem. And I could enjoy my wonderful naps on the beach...

Then I have been on a camp in Leon, as a leader with 65 children. The last summer I went to the same camp, and this year some leaders as me, decided to repeat the expirience.
And the result has been really succsessful. At the end of the camp, nobody wanted back home, we were crying for hours!!

And now... I want to go on holidays to Cádiz, I want to enjoy of te kind of music, ambient, ...of this region, because the next plan for me is to go to Edimburgh for almost 6 months....


Sunday, June 26, 2005

100 songs

Hello my friends, I´m here again!!

Have you heard that nowadays there are some list about the best 100 movies, the 100 best songs...???

Well if not, You can read my up-to-date blog.

Here you are a link with the best songs (supuestamente)

But I don´t agree with this ranking, for instance i can´t believe that "akuna matata" is on 99!!! and on the other hand "do re mi" 8renmember Julie Andrews on the 88!!! I can´t believe it!!

Well this is only my opinion. Have a look at the page and judge for yourself!!



The last exam??

Hello my friends, I´m here again!!

Tomorrow I have an English exam. i am quite nervoused because it is suppoused that exam will be the last. But this is only true if I ´ll pass the exam.
I mean if I pass this exam and other that I have done the week before, I finish my career!!!

For this reason this is a very important exam for me. So I am going to continue doing English exercices, listening songs, repeating jazz chants... and of course, writing on my blog!!



Friday, June 24, 2005

A movie and a soundtrack

Hello my friends, I´m here again!!

I want to recommend you a film that I have watched a lot of times, I had the mpvie on video but my brother le it to someone and she never give it back... but I don´t care because i have found it on DVD, so I´m pretty happy.
The movie is "The Wonders" At the year 1960 a local group of Pennsylvania want to participate in a local competition with their son "that thing you do" which is a ballad. They wan the competition because the drummer had a mistake, he got wrong with the tempo, he started to play more quickly and the ballad became into a very good pop-rock song.
After that they became famous thanks to Tom Hanks who was their manager.
The group continue palaying around the country and averybody knew "The Wonders".
There is also a triangular love problem between the singer his girlfriend and the drummer...

I don´t want to tell you the end, i want that you watch it, so the next time that you go to the "video club" ask for this movie. It is form 1996 and his director is Tom Hanks, This is the first time that Tome H. is a director. He work also as a character, he is the manager.

This group, didn´t exist really, it is fiction, but the movie has a soundtrak with all the georgous, for me, songs that appear on the movie.

One of this, ia "THAT THING YOU DO"

Doin' that thing you do,
Breaking my heart into a million pieces,
Like you always do And you,
Don't mean to be cruel,
You never even knew about the heartache,
I've been going through
Well I try and try to forget you girl,
But it's just so hard to do,
Every time you do that thing you do I,
Know all the games you play,
And I'm gonna find a way to let you know that,
You'll be mine someday '
Cause we,
Could be happy can't you see,
If you'd only let me be the one to hold you,
And keep you here with me
'Cause I try and try to forget you girl,
But it's just so hard to do,
Every time you do that thing you do
I don't ask a lot girl,
But I know one thing's for sure,
It's the love I haven't got girl,
And I just can't take it anymore '
Cause we,
Could be happy can't you see,
If you'd only let me be the one to hold you,
And keep you here with me
Cause it hurts me so just to see you go,
Around with someone new,
And if I know you you're doin' that thing,
Every day just doin' that thing,
I can't take you doing that thing you do
This is one of my favourite songs, and of course I like very much the movie. If you want to know more about this film, click on these links;

Students monologue

This comment is for those students that are, like me, in a terrible period of his/her course... yeah.. the exams!!

I´m wondering, if there isn´t another way of assessment. I think yes, of course!

When exams appears there is a feel of anxiety and a lot of stress. Pupils can´t concetrate because they are under a lot of pressure!! They can´t.. well I am a student also, so... We can´t study so many subjects at the same time, because while we are studying one of them we are thinking in the others...

If you are not a student you may don´t understand me, for this reason I want to explain what I feel in exams period...

As I said before, you have t study some subjects at the same time, yeah I Know what are you thinking about... It is true that we have all the term for study daily, but as University students we prefer going out with some friends, watching the tv, chatting or whatever.
First at all, when the term begins all of us make a planning for studying, it is difficult to do it, even it can need a day, but after do it your planning you feel better, because with anly an hour per day you can pass the exam with an A!!

Yeah these days are very good, you feel right, even if you can only follow your planning one day of all the week, no matter!! don´t worry you can do some days the double, but... thiss only happen in your mind, the sad truth is that the term pass and you haven´t studied anything...

So, there are 2 weeks for your exams and you have to study very hard!! you realize that you can´t waste your time, you can´t waste an hour!! So what can you do??

AN OTHER PLANNING!! of course, yes because you know that this time you have to follow your planning, so it is important to do it very well, you need to organise your notes, your books and of course your time, so you need an afternnon to do it (but you don´t feel that you are waste your time, it is very important!!
So, you start revising your notes and... OH MY GOOD!! you don´t have all the notes!! you phone to your classmates fos sharing the notes (because your classmates hasn´t all the notes) at the end of the conversation you decided to meet you the next day, so obviously you can´t study this afternoon.
Well you finally abtain all the notes, reorganize your planning and the first, second, third day you follow it, but then you don´t do it...

To sump up yo have to study all the notes in a few days and the nigth before the exam.

When you go to the university in order to do the exam there are a lot of people, some of them are revising their notes very quickly, others are thinking in the possible questions, other are laughing and they aren´t nervoused because they only go to the exam for know the questions but they won´t do the exam...
Everybody sit down and the teacher gives us the exam and in that moment your mind went blank and you can´t remember anything!!

Finally you do the exam as good as you can and you come back home waitting for the next week, when you can cheeck your marks...
lol lol lol...

It is only a joke based on truly things...

Kisses and I wish all my mates and me passed the exams!!


Sorry.... :(

Oh my dear blog, you can think that I have forgotten you... but this is not true.. As you know I have some exams to do and I have to study a lot, on the other hand I have had some problems and I couldn´t write anything... But, this is going to change, I promise to write more!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Relaxing methods

Hello my friends!!!

Now is stressful moment for students... why? because exams begin!! In this period of course, students are very nervoused, we are recollecting notes from other mates, we realize that (this that is neccesary or not?¿? please tell me) there are a lot of things that we don´t understand and there is no time to ask to the teacher... and so on.

For these reasons I have wondered about relax methods. Have u ever practice some of them?? for example yoga, tai - chi, acupuncture, aroma therapy....

I´ve never gone of one of these class, but when I have a headache or I´m nervoused, I usually close my eyes, and I breathe very deeply. Even I can imagine myself in a paradaise, or I think in a colour such as green or pale blue... And I feel better.

When I do this "exercices" I lie down on the floor or on the bed and it´s better if I am listening some quiet music and of course , I apply some "bálsamo de tigre" on my head whit a soft massage.
Some days ago I took this balsam to a the class because i had a terrible headache. Nobody of my mates knew what the balsam was, so I explained to them and now some of my mates are lookinf for this balsam.
If u do´nt know anything about it, click on the links below;

To sum up I´m going to do any of this relaxing methods, and then I will tell you!!



Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Tomorrow... the last day of class


Ohh.... tomorrow the class ends... I don´t know if to be happy or to be sad... because for the one hand I want to have a rest of go every day to Toledo to class, but on the other hand If I don´t go to class I can´t see my mates.... :( and i have a great time with them... as well as this if the classes end the exams begin!! :( :( :( :(

Ohhh!! I don´t want that classes end!! I want to begin again, don´t you??



Agitated but not stir !!

My classmate Jesus have written in his blog about alcohol because some weeks ago a group of mates were talking about it. It is a controversial topic so, we created a debate in few minutes!!
Some of them agreed with drinking and just Jesus and Mariajo were against.

In my opinion, drinking alcohol is not so bad, but it is depending on some aspects like; quantity, quality, frecuency and how and why do u drink.

First of all the quality it´s the most important. Nowadays in a lot of pubs there are a phenomenon called "garrafón" . This means that the alcohol that you can drink is very very bad, so the better thing that u can do is not drinking it. However if u buy a bottle or u know that it is a good quality u can drinking it, with moderation, please!!

I agree with drinking alcohol if u do it only because u like the flavour, not because u drink because u drink and u want to get drunk every weekend!! I think this is ridiculuos!!

For this reason I talked about quantity and how and why do u drink.

In my case I usually drink. for example, If I go out at lunch time, this is a perfect hour for drinking a cool beer ( for my, beer with lemon)but I mean a pair of beers, not a lot of them!!
And sometimes at the weekends I like drinking bourbon, I really like their flavour!! I like a little bourbon with coke Agitated not stir!! and a very important thing for me are some olives!! Yeah believe me, I know that it can sound strange, but I really really like to have my drink with some olives, mmmmm.....

Another important topic is that it is scientific demostrated that beer and wine have a lot of advantages, for example drinking a glass of wine every day helps to prevent cancer!! You don´t believe me?? look at this pages;

So from my point of view if u are responsible and do u like the flavour of beer, wine, whisky,... or whatever u drink, do it, but remeber: IF U DRINK, PLEASE NO DRIVE!! (This is correct or with -ing form?¿?, please tell me)

This is only my point of view, I think there isn´t any problem if u are responsable and not to excess drinking. But i desagree with these people who only drink to get drunk, I think this is ... ridiculous!!



Oh I have my degree qualification!!

At last I can get my qualification degree of a course that I had done about Spanish as foreing language in Madrid, during the expolingua event!!!

Today when I come back home I saw a letter for me, it was from Madrid. I didn´t know what can it be. So I opened the envelop then I started to read, and... yeah!! it was my certificate!!

I had done this course in April (8, 9 and 10) in Madrid. I had no idea about this course, but my english teacher, Maria, told us that this weekend there was an important language fair called "Expolingua". So I decided to visit the page ( ) and I saw this course. I thought it could be interesting for me, because i want to live abroad ( maybe in England ) and this course could help me for teaching spanish to foreingers.
On the other hand it is a very good idea doing this kind of courses for people who are studying languages.

In this course I could learn lot of things for example: I learnt that afectivity in the class is very inportant, pronuntiation didactic, the portfolio, assesments... To tell the truth i was a little lost some times, because the most people were teachers who had a lot of experience, but i only was a student... However I knew some thing that i learnt at university such as portfolio, the European common framework... (Thanks to my english teacher).

So, now I´m very happy with my certificate (or my degree), and I hope I can practice all the things that I learnt there!!