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Thursday, March 31, 2005


Hi everybody!

Probably you are wondering; Who is Pelusa?? Well,I want to tell you, Pelusa is my dog and I want talk about her. We called her Pelusa because she is a little jealous. Pelusa is 10 years old, yes I know shw is a quite older, but she keep up herself very well, what is normal with her style of life.
A normal day for her, begin at eigth o´clock in the morning, when I usually weak up. In that moment she weaks up also. Then she goes around all the bedrooms looking for someone who is still sleeping, If she is lucky (I mean there is someone sleeping) she lies down on the carpet until this person weaks up.
Then she eats her breakfast, she eats her fodder and also some cookies, remember taht it´s the breakfast!!
After that she goes out for a walk. Obviously someone go out with Pelusa, my mother or me usually. For crossing the road she gives to you her leg.
The rest of the day is more or less the same. She is sleeping as much as she can. Although she plays with the children who lives near to my house. And when I came back home i normally play with her.

Pelusa is very very clever, she understand everything! For example if you say: who is coming? she looks through the window and begin to bark. Or you say; Look there is Alvaro (my children neighbour) at the street, She looks through the window and if she looks at him, she moves her tail very happy.
Her favourite food is cured ham (jamon serrano) (I told you she is very clever!) she eats fodder but sometimes she eats rice or meat... For example when my family eat paella she eats some rice too but she never eats the peas!!
She hates too, stay alone, when we go out she starts to cry.

Well this is my dog!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Hello everybody!!

I´ve been on holidays and today is the first day of class, so I´m not very happy exactly.... On the other hand my holidays had been very relaxing so I am charged on possitive energy!