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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Oh I have my degree qualification!!

At last I can get my qualification degree of a course that I had done about Spanish as foreing language in Madrid, during the expolingua event!!!

Today when I come back home I saw a letter for me, it was from Madrid. I didn´t know what can it be. So I opened the envelop then I started to read, and... yeah!! it was my certificate!!

I had done this course in April (8, 9 and 10) in Madrid. I had no idea about this course, but my english teacher, Maria, told us that this weekend there was an important language fair called "Expolingua". So I decided to visit the page ( ) and I saw this course. I thought it could be interesting for me, because i want to live abroad ( maybe in England ) and this course could help me for teaching spanish to foreingers.
On the other hand it is a very good idea doing this kind of courses for people who are studying languages.

In this course I could learn lot of things for example: I learnt that afectivity in the class is very inportant, pronuntiation didactic, the portfolio, assesments... To tell the truth i was a little lost some times, because the most people were teachers who had a lot of experience, but i only was a student... However I knew some thing that i learnt at university such as portfolio, the European common framework... (Thanks to my english teacher).

So, now I´m very happy with my certificate (or my degree), and I hope I can practice all the things that I learnt there!!




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