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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The non stop summer

Hello my friends, I´m here again!!!!!!!

Oh dear blog I´m so sorry with you... I have not written anything since.... I don´t remember. :(
But now, I have got a lot of things to tell you.

In this summer I haven´t stopped !! First I went to Alicant on holidays for five days. It was very relaxing for me, the weather was excellent, and there arén´t so much people on the beach, so you could lain on the beach without any problem. And I could enjoy my wonderful naps on the beach...

Then I have been on a camp in Leon, as a leader with 65 children. The last summer I went to the same camp, and this year some leaders as me, decided to repeat the expirience.
And the result has been really succsessful. At the end of the camp, nobody wanted back home, we were crying for hours!!

And now... I want to go on holidays to Cádiz, I want to enjoy of te kind of music, ambient, ...of this region, because the next plan for me is to go to Edimburgh for almost 6 months....



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