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Thursday, September 15, 2005

I'm in.....


Can you guess where am I??.... I'm in Edinburgh!! Yeah!! I arrived the last saturday to this wonderful city and I will be here until March, at the moment, but I'm not really sure, I have heard that this city is quite adictived, so maybe I extend my"trip" more time. Well, of course I will come back home at Christmas (like the turron, lol lol lol).

What are you thinking about?? why am I here?? well it's quite simple, if i want to be an English teacher, I should continue improving my English and the best way to do it is living in a place where people talk in English, like for instance, Edinburgh.

I live with a family, but with a lot of independency, this is not like the host families. I have rent the room but I have to cook my food. This is called salf-catering. The familiy is very nice. Mrs. Murray talks a lot with me. She has a pub near the house, so she is there a lot of time, and I go there sometimes.

The house is near to the city centre, I can go there on foot, but it is so far from the college, I have to get on a bus.
As I have just said i go to the college every day. I am doing an Engish course, which is very interesting, I'm learning a lot, because the teacher ar natives, of course, and they teach us lot of real vocabulary and expressions. On the other hand my teacher is really nice, his name is Evan, and he is a very good teacher.

The college is very very big. I felt lost the first and the second days, but I feel more confortable as the days pass. I think it;s normal, you need some days to get familiar with the place, with the people, with the language...

In the college there are people for all others countries, Italian, French, Chinese, Korean, Croat... and of course A LOT OF SPANISH PEOPLE!!

Well, i have no more time, i have to finish my homeworks and then... I am going to a party!!!
I want to be in touch with all of you, please make comments to this post or write me a comment. i miss you, I miss Spain....

Flory from Edinburgh.