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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

So many time without writing here...

Oh!!! time goes by so quickly... i couldn´t write as many times as i wanted... by the way i want to do it now because i want to tell you about me.
I´m still in Edinburgh, here my life is completely different than it was in Spain...
First of all I´ve got my flat (it´s not mine, i want to mean that i live with more independence than before) Also because i live with my partner.
Every day we go to a college, we are in a general english course and it,s very interesting couse we learn a lot.

Yesterday I began and other new course; Introduction to Tesol. I thought it could be very useful for me, as a teacher, but as well as a english student, cause almost everyone is Scotish so I can practice the speaking a lot. (When I´m at home I usually speak in Spanish with my partner.... yeah... I know... bad for me..)

Living here you learn a lot, I mean not only the language, but also about the culture, customs, and as well something very important, you learn to open your mind. Edinburgh is a big city where a lot of different cultures live together. And this is amazing!! For example when you are in the bus there are people from all over the world!!

So if you get the chance, come here!! you would never regret!! I promise!!

PD; I would like to show you some photos from here. Does anybody knows how to do it??



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